Sunday, September 13, 2009


Barrichello Crosing Finish Line, Monza 2009

"It feel greats. Like I said on the lap after I got the chequered flag I have no words. I had a tough night as we didn't know about the gearbox this or that. We had an over-torque in Spa and there are concerns, but I hope it is going to do the four races. It was great to do a good start. Kovi was coming quite fast with that power button and I had to defend myself and I went wide so it was a bit tough. But it was great first lap and it made my race. The pace was great, the brakes were great - it was a bit like Valencia, with the pace there all the time.

"I feel great, it feels really good with all this public, they are more in red than white but it still feels great. It feels great, it is a winning year whatever happens. It is not long ago that we had no jobs, we didn't know what was going to happen so we are finally driving a fantastic car with a fantastic engine with a team doing a fantastic job. I must thank them for all their efforts, the strategy was great, the work we did on Friday was fantastic, so it is really good. We both had different tyres and different strategy but the car was good on both of them. I am going to give my very best and there will be a good and a healthy fight and I am looking forward to that."

"It was a messy lap but I made up a position which was fantastic. You are always wary at the start because of KERS cars, Alonso did not get the jump and Kovy was struggling. He braked late and Barrichello and Kimi Raikkonen nearly came together. I was sat behind Kovy at the second chicane and at Lesmo I put a nose inside and got him into Lesmo 2. It was a much needed move as without that I probably would have finished third or fourth."

"It's great to be up here in second. I would like to where Rubens is sat, but he did a better job this weekend. I lost two points here but gained seven on Vettel. Barrichello is my closest rival, but we have a good relationship. Lewis started pushing in the last three laps. I had him pretty much covered, it's very difficult to pass even with KERS. I don't know what happened but a big shunt for him and for me a great result."

"We got the third with a gift but it doesn't matter. It is not the perfect position for me and team but at least we scored the points we needed. We got the most out of the car this weekend, it's good for fans and much better than finishing fourth. We will keep pushing as hard as we can, we know some cars are quicker than us, but maybe at some races we can challenge for the win. Everything worked well for us, and guys did some good hard work."

"I was in a hurry to get out because it was going to be very quick. The lollipop guy moved a bit, he put it up and then down. Luckily enough the fuel rig was out, we lost a little bit of time but not too much. It would not have been enough to beat McLaren in the pitstop but we could keep Force India behind. In the end it did not make much difference."