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Sunday, June 7, 2009


"Today the car was the best it has been this year. We have been quick on other occasions but the car was loose and not suiting my style. I have to thank everyone, it just keeps getting better. I don't know if this circuit suits us more than other. The car was fantastic today and I wish I could have had all the boys of the podium. It was okay, I knew that he was going short. We knew what lap he was going to stop on. It is still not a very nice feeling to see a car catch you eight tenths a lap. Today we were a step ahead and it is a nice feeling."

"Well, it was a very good afternoon for me. I tried to hang in as long as possible on the first stint and I went a lap longer, that really opened up my gap over Sebastian's strategy. The second stint was crucial for me and my strategy, then I could jump Sebastian and turn my engine down in the last stint."

When we have seen Jenson was not behind us, I thought we were switching to two stops. Then in the second stint I was in traffic to Jenson, I nearly passed him, I had one chance but it was quite tricky and after that I lost a bit of time. It turned out three stopping was possibly not as quick as two stops. I nearly lost car in turns 9/10. It was my mistake. All day it was difficult there - maybe there was a tail wind. On the second lap I nearly lost the car again. I don't think it would have made a big difference as Jenson was too quick today. I don't hink I would have been able to hold him.

They did not tell me to pass Mark, they said Mark was faster, so similar to what he did, we turned the engine down. If you start from pole you want to win and if you lose the lead on the first lap it is not good. If you see someone has quicker pace it is not nice to see. I was third and of course I was not happy with that and kept pushing to the end. I turned the engine down, but I would rather go fast for the last few laps than just going around."

"I am pleased with the race result and also with the car. We have worked really hard to find more performance and it's great to be back in the fight for a podium. The team deserve a lot of credit for the improvement this weekend, including the engineers who have made a good step with our starts. My start was incredible and I made up two places into the first corner, however I struggled a lot on the first lap with locking brakes so I dropped back to fourth. After that I got into a good rhythm and I was fighting hard with Nico Rosberg. He got ahead at the first pitstops but I bounced back and overtook at the second stops. I was really competitive towards the end when there was a lot of rubber down and it was enjoyable to be fighting at the front. I started the weekend with a positive feeling and we quickly found the right set-up so I am extremely happy to be back to a competitive level."

"I got a very bad start and then ended up fighting with the guys in the first few corners and ran a little bit wide in the back of, I think, corner nine then touched Fernando's rear wheel when I tried to pass him on the end of the straight, so I broke the front wing a bit. After that it was a bit difficult. The car was OK after we changed the front wing and the tyres - the end of the second stint and the last stint was fine – but it was too late. With a better start I think we could easily have got one or two points, but that's how it goes."

"It's the position we deserve, which is 10th position. When you are so slow there is nothing you can do. If you start a heavy fuel load, you start at the bottom, and if you go light you lose the positions in the race. What we need is to go half a second quicker and then any strategy works."

"We need changes, any changes. I'd welcome any new part. We have been using the same car since Bahrain and we are going worse and worse, and until we introduce a part that improves the car it will be hard. We are the seventh team now, and we are aware. We are going to keep working to try and make up ground."

'It appears to be a gearbox problem. The one that I had on the start - same as Australia, when I dumped the clutch the anti-stall came in and it was the wrong calculation for the clutch once again on my side. With the anti-stall I couldn't get going and then, to complicate things, I was on the rev limiter halfway through the straight, which didn't make my life easier because I had to compete against cars with KERS and I had to force my way around. That's a race like this. It's just frustrating because it has been happening too much on my side."