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Sunday, June 7, 2009


The Formula One Teams' Association is pushing for the sport to abandon KERS entirely next year, after agreeing that the technology should be dropped as it is now too expensive. Following a limited take-up of the energy recovery device for 2009, members of the teams' organisation have voted in favour of abandoning it entirely next year on money grounds. While the move has not been universally welcomed, with BMW Sauber in particular once again keen for it to be retained, the majority decision by FOTA means that the move has now been put into action.

BMW motorsport director Mario Theissen said: "We have voted in favour of KERS but, as with all the other FOTA decisions so far, we will go with the majority."

Although KERS is currently allowed in the 2010 technical regulations, there is nothing forcing teams to run it. At the Turkish Grand Prix, only McLaren and Ferrari competed with the device.
Even if the FIA refuses to change the regulations to outlaw it, FOTA agreement would be enough for the technology not to be used. Ferrari team principal Stefano Domenicali said that even though his team had invested a lot of time and effort in developing KERS it was for the greater good that the decision had been made to abandon it.

When asked on Sunday night if it was true the teams were pushing for it to be dropped, Domenicali said:
"Yes. In terms of the discussion we had within FOTA, we are talking about cost saving for the new teams as well. We are the only one together with McLaren who are using it. We invested a lot and we always said that it is difficult for the supporters to understand why there are some cars with KERS and some cars without KERS, so if you have a total logical approach, if we are all together fine then it is better not to have it."