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Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Day With Kimi Raikkonen

In the box of the Circuit Catalunya, in feverish preparation for the race weekend we met Mark Arnall, the personal trainer of Kimi Raikkonen and we were able to discover little of the life and physical training of Finn. Mark is with Kimi in the days of testing, the Grand Prix, and also in Switzerland and Finland, where he spent most of his time when is not at the wheel of F60.

"During a day of training at home, in the morning Kimi have cardio excersise, from one to three hours - began Mark - often trains mountain biking or other exercises for the general tone. In the afternoon, he likes to do sports for fun, and often play badminton, golf, ice hockey and jet-skiing. This training also serves to train the muscles of the legs and by jet skiing improve balance, coordination and exercise the same muscles of the upper body that are used in the guide. " Mark is always close to Kimi for the planning of his day, and does this job for 13 years.

But what eats Kimi? Following a special diet?

"Kimi eats so much healthier food, but that is because his wife Jenni loves healthy food. In the morning for breakfast he eat porridge, sometimes cheese, ham, eggs .. For the rest of the day he likes pasta, chicken, salads ".

And what about days of The Grand Prix weekend?

"On the day of qualifications, breakfast is around 9.45, then arrive in the circuit for the technical meeting guidance for the third session of free practice. Lunch is at 12:30, then there are qualifications and in the afternoon, between the various technical and FIA`s briefing, sometimes he have a massage for the back and neck, strongly urged by the guide, stretching excersise or swimming.
The day of the race he is coming to the circuit in 11.15, participate in technical meetings, lunch is at 12.50 and then at 14:00 is race. During the race Kimi drink about half a liter of water, liquid to recover. " After the race, Mark told us, there is a program of recovery that lasts one to two days, then he resume with the athletic program, pending the next race.