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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Q & A with Felipe Massa

Q. What can you tell us about the updates Ferrari has brought for this race?

Felipe Massa: We have a good improvement in our car. For sure the others are not sleeping, they are working hard as well. But I hope we can improve more than the others to make a step forward.

Q. Last year you fought for the title, this year you are yet to score, what's your mindset approaching the weekend?

FM: It's not so different. I'm just trying to do my best, trying to have a good race, score good points. That's all I have in my mind. I don't care about the pressure. The pressure is there when you are fighting for the championship or when you are trying to get out of a difficult situation. I just want to do a good race and improve the situation.

Q. Can you be more specific about what updates the car has? Double diffuser?

FM: We have a big hole in the diffuser, like some of the other cars had already. We have this now. We also have another improvements in the aerodynamics, not just the diffuser. I hope this can give good performance and improve the situation.

Q. How has life been at the factory over the past weeks to get the updates ready?

FM: It has been very tough, with people working day and night to get the car ready for this race, to bring all the modifications for this race. They were doing a very difficult job so I hope we can have a good race to make these guys happy.

Q. If the updates don't work, do you think it's over for the championship?

FM: No, we need to keep working. I think it's difficult to answer this question. We need to keep working and improve the situation and that's it.

Q. What is your opinion about budget caps?

FM: I don't want to answer that. At the moment there are too many political games around F1 that I don't want to put myself in the middle of. The only thing I can say is that it would be nice to have a better sport, less political and more sport.

Q. How important is it to make a step forward this weekend?

FM: Well, for sure we have good numbers, and a good improvement. Usually when you have good numbers in the wind tunnel... We have good numbers, and we hope that we can improve. For sure the others are not sleeping. The other teams have big numbers as well and maybe we will still be behind them. Anyway, we hope that we can reduce the gap.

Q. Do you think the political side of the sport is greater than it's even been?

FM: Yes.

Q. Why is that?

FM: I feel that the political side is bigger than ever. I'm not happy about that. I don't want to put myself in the middle of this stuff.

Q. Do you feel the Spanish GP is Ferrari's last chance?

FM: I hope we have the chance and that it won't be the last. I hope we can improve the situation, to be competitive. How competitive I don't know. We are working for this big improvement, but the others are not sleeping. I hope we can have a good chance to fight for victory.