Adrian`s new car - RB9
Today from the Team Base in Milton Keynes, Red Bull unveiled new 2013 car, named RB9, with which it is aiming to secure its fourth consecutive F1 Championship Titles.

Christian Horner, Team chief, said:
"The 2012 season was tough and long, but our success was testimony to all the hard work and dedication in the factory. We're fortunate that we've been able to maintain continuity within our group. This is the fifth year that this driver pairing has been together. We've got continuity throughout all of the technical teams and all the key areas. We're still a young team but we're evolving and there is a fierce determination to keep both of those trophies in the cabinet at Milton Keynes for another year."

The RB9 features a slightly tweaked colour scheme with purple sidepods to promote new title sponsor Infiniti. The Japanese car brand has upped its involvement with the team this year and occupies other sponsorship space on the nose, in front of the cockpit and on the rear wing.