The Formula One Teams' Association (FOTA) has vowed to do all it can to help secure a future for the BMW Sauber team, following its parent company's decision to quit the sport.

Just as FOTA moved to help keep Brawn GP on the grid after Honda withdrew from F1 last December, the organisation's secretary general Simone Perillo said on Wednesday that the teams' body had held immediate talks to confirm its support for the Hinwil-based operation.

"FOTA Teams have immediately consulted each other and are ready to assure all the necessary support to the Swiss-based team, whose membership in the association is confirmed, to continue its involvement in the F1 Sport," said Perillo.

FOTA is poised to begin a detailed evaluation of what improvements can be made to the sport - and one option it is openly considering it for teams to run three cars in a bid to keep grid numbers high.

"It is worth mentioning that a professional work has already begun within FOTA, aimed at increasing the involvement of the fans and at improving the F1 show," continued Perillo.

"Among those initiatives, one that could be interesting is the introduction of a third car on the grid. FOTA will seek the opinions of all the most relevant stakeholders in order to exchange ideas and define proposals for the future of Formula 1.

"FOTA Teams now wish to have the necessary certainty and stability within Formula 1 in order to focus on those fundamental priorities for the future."