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Friday, July 31, 2009


Felipe Massa is already thinking about racing again, and would be happy to get back into his Ferrari in the next race in Valencia, according to his personal doctor. Although he joked Massa was "looking like a boxer", Dino Altman told journalists in front of the AEK hospital in Budapest on Thursday that the condition of the Brazilian driver, who suffered a serious accident during the qualifying session of the Hungarian Grand Prix was still getting better all the time.

"Felipe continues to improve. He is eating, he was walking around the room, he took a shower in the morning, like a normal person. So that's good news," Altman, Chief Medical Officer of the Brazilian Grand Prix, said.

"No problem with his eyes, as I've told you before, it's okay. He is eating normal food. He ate chicken, today in the morning he had a normal breakfast, some yogurt with nutritional complements, bread, cheese, tomato, and he also had a banana."

Altman said Massa didn't need any special treatments for his rehabilitation process from now on, as he only had to get stronger. He refused to give a specific timeframe for the Brazilian to go racing again, although he stressed he was "sure" Massa would eventually make it back onto the grid.

"It's the only thing he is thinking about, it's his fixed idea. He has no fears at all," Altman said. "He thinks he would be able to race in Valencia."

Reacting to the news that seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher would take his seat in the Ferrari while he was not able to drive again, Massa reportedly joked: "We have to see if I will let him drive!"

"He was joking with his friends and his brother. He was telling us that he heard about the Schumacher news, and he told us: 'Let's see if I let him drive the car, because I won't give up.'"

Altman had a short conversation in front of the hospital with FIA Institute deputy president Gerard Saillant, who he said was there to attend Massa as well.

"He has some things to do in his regular job so he has to go home today. But he was here all the time", Altman confirmed, denying earlier reports that Massa would be taken to Saillant's clinic in Paris. "No. We thought about that once, but that's it.

"The FIA medical team was always part of the process. "Everybody was taking all the decisions together with the physicians here in Hungary. There are very good physicians here, really very high standards in terms of the hospital, the physicians, all the work, all the equipment and everything."

Felipe Massa will leave Hungary by a private plane on Monday, his personal doctor, Dino Altmann confirmed.

"Felipe continues to improve, he is doing very well, and we already decided to go back home on Monday to Brazil," Altmann told journalists on Friday at the AEK Hospital in Budapest, where Massa has been treated since his accident during the weekend of the Hungarian Grand Prix. He will fly to Sao Paulo."