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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ferrari President Luca di Montezemolo Respond to Fans

Dear Supporters,

Thanks for being always close to Ferrari: the relationship with you for me is very important. Thanks for all the questions you have asked, both on site, or directly via email. In the video I recorded that I gave an answer to the main issues that have received. I must congratulate you for the quality of questions, your attention and expertise. For some of these I already written my opinion. In the near future I will ensure that you use our website for an interactive virtual meeting with you. Thanks, Luca di Montezemolo.

Modster79 asked about the aerodynamics, will changes in the regulation ofor next year may increase the chance to overtake.

Thank you for your message.
Within a stable framework of rules I believe it is important to do everything possible to increase the level of spectacularity of Formula 1, while maintaining the principles of competitive sport and technology.

Hacrasch asked if we could return the next year, runing the pole position session with empty tanks and abandon the park closed between Saturday and Sunday.

Thank you for your message.
Fota in the teams are considering various proposals to make even the most spectacular days preceding the race. There are several proposals on the table. the review and discuss the F1 commission. Thanks for your suggestion.

JNPF1 asked if Ferrari can celebrate a victory on the track in 2009

Thank you for your mail.
I must say that for now is not a great year for the team. There are many reasons, but I am convinced that with the work that Stefano Domenicali and the team with the pilots are doing, we can have some satisfaction this year.

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