Ban on refuelling looks certain - FORMULA 1


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ban on refuelling looks certain

Formula 1's ban on refuelling looks certain to still be introduced next year, despite the sport currently reverting back to the 2009 regulations.

As part of the agreement reached between the Formula One Teams' Association (FOTA) and the FIA earlier this week, it was agreed that regulation changes set to be introduced for 2010 would be scrapped - with this year's rules being kept on for another season.

Although the reversion of the rules was designed to scrap the introduction of a budget cap for 2010, it also had the knock-on effect of getting rid of changes that had been agreed with teams - like the ban on refuelling.

A FOTA source has confirmed that work is currently underway on what modifications need to be made to the 2010 regulations - with refuelling certain to be one of the issues that is brought up.

The source said: "There will be a few amendments to the rules that need to be agreed unanimously. This will be about refuelling and a few other items, and should be completed in the next few weeks."

Teams have pushed for a ban on refuelling because of the huge cost involved in shipping the pit equipment around the world, and the fact that strategy factors now do little to improve the racing.