Ferrari has dropped a firm hint that it will soon switch its focus on to the 2010 car, with its current F60 having failed to prove a match for the race-winning Brawn and Red Bull Racing cars.

Luca Di Montezemolo:
"I am confident we can improve our performance in the next races, but having said that it is quite difficult if not impossible really to dramatically change the car during the season without tests. When you have a car at the beginning of the season with certain characteristics it is difficult to change it during the season between one race and the other. But I am very confident we can improve our performances in the next race, and then we will be fully concentrated to next year's car, without KERS, with clear rules after the important agreement that we have been very pleased to find with the FIA last week."

"Unfortunately we started the season with grey rules. It is difficult to give a correct interpretation, and the proof is that the three teams that have won the last F1 world championship - like Ferrari, McLaren and Renault have made the same interpretation of the rules, and they are not as competitive as before. This is one of the reasons of our battle, to have rules more stable, clear, transparent, and we have done the car with the KERS, it means more weight on the car and a lot of other teams have not done the KERS. So if the federation wants to introduce the KERS, it has to be the same for everybody. Now I think it is time to go back to clear rules."