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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Representatives of the FIA doubt that Todt could replace Mosley

Carlos Garcia, the Spanish with the highest rank and a member of the FIA World Council of Motor Sport, doubts that Max Mosley is preparing the ground for transforming Jean Todt in his successor. Some speculations say that Mosley is planning to apply for the fifth consecutive term as president of FIA, or is laying the groundwork for entry into the scene of Todt, the former head of Ferrari.

But Garcia, who does not preclude his candidacy for the presidency, said: "Unless Max has become even more crazy, I do not think that Jean Todt will support him because we all know where and who is bound."

In recent days there was also roumors that some of the strong supporters of Mosley, including Garcia himself, could go out into the open to support the arguments of the British, according to which the FIA would be very angry by the situation after the peace agreement with the FOTA.

"What did Luca di Montezemolo was a demonstration of total lack of respect for the FIA and the World Council," Garcia told Spanish radio Onda Cero, repeating almost verbatim the comments of Mosley, who said that rebel team did the equivalent to "dance on his grave."

"I do not support Max Mosley to death, but they are for, even to death, respect for our institutions," he added.

"I am not surprised if Max will reapply," continued Garcia. "The worst thing you can do and leave a wounded animal. Lucа managed to resurrect Max "