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Thursday, March 8, 2018


On the second day of the final Formula 1 pre-season test, Daniel Ricciardo returned to the cockpit of the RB14 this Wednesday to set the fastest ever time around the Barcelona Formula 1 circuit. He edged out Mercedes Lewis Hamilton by 0.353 seconds as McLaren missed most of the running.
Daniel Ricciardo: "It was a good day today. I survived! Today’s was an optimistic run plan and I didn’t think we’d get that much done but we got through all of it, so that was good. I think I’ll sleep well tonight! It was a good bunch of laps today and I got a few quick ones in there, which was nice."

"The hypersoft tyre helped of course but we made some changes early this morning and after some medium runs then we went to the softer tyres and the changes we made seemed to help the car so there was just a bit more confidence and the track was a good temperature today so we could start to get some real testing in. It was OK, I would have liked to get into the 17s, but we’ll save that for the racing. In terms of the shape we’re in, I think we’re getting there, we’re in a decent place."