Red Bull loses supremacy?!?

FIA decided to make a major change to the exhaust blown diffuser regulations. With the design and execution of blown diffusers being viewed as a key area of the 2011 development race, teams have been pushing hard with their concepts to try and eke out any competitive advantage they can. One aspect that has been worked on a lot is in ensuring that a flow of exhaust gases keep pumping through the diffuser, to help increase downforce, even when the throttle is not in use.

Formula One's governing body has concluded that the engine had become an aerodynamic aid controlled by the driver, which is not permitted in the regulations. In order to prevent this, the FIA will ban the blowing of exhaust gases beyond 10 per cent of full throttle, starting from Spanish GP weekend.

FIA has given the teams a grace period before enforcing a ban on the way exhaust gases are blown through diffusers. FIA is keen for the off-throttle usage to be stamped out as soon as it can be implemented without causing further complications for the teams.