All 5 drivers are even at this moment

Mark Webber says he does not see himself as the favourite to win this year's championship despite his lead in the standings. Australian is 11 points ahead of Fernando Alonso with just four races(or 3) to go. Webber also admitted he is treating the Japanese Grand Prix as any other race, hoping to get the best possible result.

"I think we are all pretty even at the moment. It can change quickly, in a good way for me and in a bad way for me. It can change very quickly. It's on a knife's edge. But I'm very, very relaxed. It's another race for me. I will do my best and the points will look after themselves." I'm not even thinking about it. It's just another car race," he said. "I will do my best and the other stuff will take care of itself. If it was a 15-race championship I'd be champion now, but I'm not. There's four races to go and you need to lead the championship at the end, not now."

"Well, I went very quick in Turkey and then I was pretty strong at Silverstone(similar tracks to Suzuka). The cars have changed massively since the middle part of the championship. Everybody's moved forward. Ferrari I expect them to be right in the hunt. All three teams will be quick."