Jean Tod: The strong man is not who speaks the loudest!!!

When we all thought that the choice of supplier with tires for F1 2011 World Championship is almost decided, the President of FIA, Jean Todt said that Bernie Ecclestone and FIA, and not the teams will have final word when it comes to tires for next year.

We know that FOTA is very close to a deal with Pirelli for 2011, but Todt made it clear that the choice of tire company is not something that can simply be left to the teams decision. It`s more likely that this will be put on tender, so this issue will be prolonged for several more weeks.

Today in an interview with French newspaper Le Parisien, Todd said FIA will make the final decision on tires. When asked if FOTA will decide on a tire supplier he said: "Of course NO. FIA , with the commercial promoter of the Championship, Bernie Ecclestone, will soon launch a tender. FOTA may suggest that it decides, but the strong man is not he who speaks the loudest.!!!"