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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Bridgestone F1 Grand Prix Presentation

Bridgestone is preparing to begin 2010 Formula One series of European Grand Prix`s . First date on the calendar, Grand Prix of Spain on 9th May in Catalunya, north of Barcelona. The circuit is well known to the teams and drivers, becouse they use it in the winter to prepare for the season. At the Grand Prix of Spain, the Japanese company will bring Bridgestone Potenza tires with soft and hard compound. The track, 4655 meters long, has a long straight and a variety of corners and is severe for tires. In particular, the left front tire takes most of preasure over a single lap. Finding the right compromise between low drag on the straights and sufficient downforce in the corners is a challenge for all teams. The many curves require special attention and high speed with a high load on the tires.

Hiroshi Yasukawa, Director of Bridgestone Motorsport:
"The Spanish Grand Prix is the first event in Europe and we expect great attention from the media. This is the first race in Spain, later in June followed by Valencia. Spain is an important market for us and activities related to Formula One have contributed to greater awareness of our brand in this country. In our Spanish branch work more than 4,000 employees and more than half of the production of tires made here is exported to the European countries.

Hirohide Hamashima, Bridgestone Motorsport Development Manager:
"The Barcelona track is within the range "average" in terms of roughness and abrasiveness, and we bring hard and soft compound tires. We expect a bit of graining on left front tire. Surely the air and track temperatures will be higher compared to tests carried out last February and this will be something not to be underestimated. Generally we see the lap times quite close. The track is well balanced and represents a good indicator of the overall balance of the cars. A car that shows good performance on the Barcelona track has the potential to achieve excellent performance on many tracks. "

Facts and figures:
Number and specification of tires brought in Barcelona 2000 pieces. Compounds: hard and soft (dry)

2009 Event
Pole position: 1min 20s.527 (Button, Brawn)
Fastest lap in race: 1min 22s.762 (Barrichello, Brawn)

Podium: Button (Brawn), Barrichello (Brawn), Webber (Red Bull Racing)