Thursday, April 8, 2010


Felipe Massa: Think positive!!!

"Even after a difficult weekend as that of Malaysia, I always try to look on the bright side. Although in practice on Friday and Saturday morning, the F10 was not fastest car on track, but in the race, when I had clear path, our pace was not bad, compared with Red Bull. Furthermore, compared to McLaren is pretty good. In the early stages Lewis, who along with Button, was stuck with us in far end of grid, was able to overcome many cars thanks to its excellent speed peak, which we were not able to follow(Ferari doesn`t have F-duct system). But after a while I was able to reduce the gap to him quite easily. Our race performance is good but we need to improve in qualifying, looking fact that Red Bull has the pole in all three opening races. If we can make progress on this front and that is what we will have to work on in the next races."

"I think our race was virtually over by the end of Q1, Saturday afternoon. In short, we made a big mistake, the team and myself. It was wrong to trust the weather forecast. We went out at the wrong time and we missed the passage in Q2. It was a stupid strategic choice and we can learn from what' s happened and try not to repeat it future. When you are last on the grid and there are twenty cars in front of you ,know that you'll have a tough afternoon. McLaren made same mistake so there were four fast cars in the back rows. Certainly we were able to provide some entertainment to the audience because practically in every lap we saw a duel. In this way, race is going on quickly and almost could not believe it when I saw the checkered flag. Oposite, when you are on the front then the race appears to be much more longer. But, even though I enjoyed at Sepang, I would certainly have preferred if the race had seemed very long!"

Always try to think positive. I heard on Sunday night that Red Bull is clearly the best car. It true that they were in the front row in qualifying and two teams that could beat them were in the back of the grid. Now I'm back home in Monaco with the family. Apart from the next trip to China, this will be my base for most of next month. For my son this was the first real long trip out of Brazil and we needed time to get used to the new time zone.