Friday, March 12, 2010


Fernando Alonso surprized looking FP times

Fernando Alonso:

"I think it's still a complete unknown for everybody who will be on Pole here in Shakir. For sure the four big teams, any of them can be quick tomorrow, can be on pole. I'm sure there will be some surprises like Force India that it seems very quick in these type of circuits, and some negative surprises with some people that are not so quick. In our expectations we still hope to be in strong form in qualy and hopefully get a good position for the race."

"We tried to do some tyre work to try to understand the two types of tyres. It was the first day we ran the car in hot conditions so there were some things to evaluate and to make sure the car is running okay for Sunday. So a normal Friday to make sure we are well prepared for qualifying. More or less I think we are in a position to attack now 100 per cent. We are confident with the car. We need to make some changes overnight to improve the grip a bit. But it was a very normal Friday, with nothing wrong."

Hamilton have similar opinion:
"I honestly have absolutely no clue. My car feels ok, but I don't know what everyone else is doing. Some people might be heavier, some might be lighter. We might be seriously slow or we might be seriously quick, we just won't know until we go into qualifying tomorrow. On the track for us it's very hot, so the degradation of both compounds of the tyres is very high. On the lighter to heavier fuel loads the car feels pretty similar, but it's difficult to know where everyone is at the minute.

"I think that it's something you can handle. You have to change your driving style and approach to each lap. It's difficult to know what laptime to target when you do a long run on a heavier fuel load. You don't know how hard you can go and be able to push more later on. If you push less at the beginning, does that mean you can push more at the end? It's difficult to know and we're still trying to understand it."

Mercedes Duo
Nico Rosberg:
"We improved the car over the course of the day but it didn't feel great initially with the new track, lower downforce and the conditions were very sandy this morning. So we had a few balance issues to work on but it came together very well this afternoon. There are areas where we can still improve but we have a good comparison with the tyre compounds and on the long runs. Overall we learnt a great deal today so it's a positive start to the weekend."

Michael Schumacher:
"We worked very well this afternoon after having a few issues with the balance this morning. The car felt much better in the second session although I am still a little rusty on one lap runs and need to get back into the routine. On the long runs, the car felt good and once you get into the rhythm, it feels very natural. I'm happy with our work today and feeling ready for the weekend."