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Sunday, March 14, 2010


"A very special day for me. Coming back the top of the podium is always special but even more special with Ferrari. We have history behind the team and all the expectations a driver has when he drives for Ferrari. There is no better way to start the relationship. This is the best team in the world, we worked hard all winter, the guys did a very good job in winter testing.

"We have done nothing so far, we only won the first race but to be first and second is the result that the guys in Maranello deserve because they have been working day and night to give us this fantastic car. This first victory is dedicated to all the people in Italy, the mechanics here and president di Montezemolo. This result is very, very positive."

"I always say the same thing, the first three or four races of the championship are not crucial for anything, you just need some solid points for the team, to get used to the regulations, the tyres, the races themselves. There are now more points but this first part is not the crucial part of the championship. It is nice to be here, but this is down to the fantastic car we have. I think the key to be world champion will be the battle during the season, we had a good base but we need to keep working. Now it is time to push."

"First of all I think it is fantastic to be here, so thanks a lot that everything is great. Being here with a competitive car and going through the whole race with good pace, so thanks to God I am fine and thanks to everybody who was supporting me in a difficult time. The race was really good and fantastic for us. For sure I didn't have a good start, I lost an important position to Fernando at the first corner. After that the race was perfect for me on the soft and with the hard."

"I caught Fernando in a good way, then I started to have a problem in terms of temperature in the car and it made a lot of fuel consumption so I started to save fuel in the last 25-30 laps. There was nothing to do any more. We were lucky with the problems for Vettel to get past him and get some points and lucky that Hamilton was not so fast at the end."

"I had quite a good race, unfortunately I lost a bit of ground, locked up into Turn 4 and went wide, got in a bad position and Rosberg got past me. I was then much faster but it's difficult to follow here and look after the tyres. If I was ahead of him maybe I would have been able to follow the train Ferari guys were creating. It is a strong result for me and the team. It was more than we expected. We need to continue to push to keep up with these guys. Refueling ban definitely didn't make the racing more exciting in terms of overtaking. I wasn't able to follow in the first third of the circuit. There wasn't enough grip from the tyres to hold with him. But it is an interesting season ahead of us. Everyone is learning how to use tyres more, try to understand the tyres, conserve the fuel load, when to attack and not to attack. I hope we can do a good job in showing the fans what we are doing."