Felipe Massa says he is not ruling out returning to Formula 1 racing in the final grand prix of the season in Abu Dhabi. The Brazilian returned to Ferrari's Maranello factory yesterday and began working on a technical programme as well as on his physical form. He is expected to work with the simulator and then test a two-year-old F2007 with GP2 tyres later this month.

Speaking to Gazzetta dello Sport, the Ferrari driver said it would not be possible to return for his home race next week, but is not ruling out racing in the final event of the season.

"It would be too close to the limit for Brazil. We'll see for Abu Dhabi, we'll need the FIA's authorization. It depends on this test with F2007. I perfectly remember how to drive. My worry isn't to immediately get a good laptime, but just to run again. In any case you need a good car and a good set-up. The damage could have been very serious and, considering the way I feel now, I have no doubt: I was very lucky. I've often seen again the crash on TV and also myself with the injured eye immediately after. It's shocking, but I was asleep and couldn't feel anything."

Massa also welcomed Ferrari's decision to hire Fernando Alonso as his team-mate for 2010.

"He's a really good driver. We'll be a good pairing and I hope to finish in front of him!"