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Monday, October 12, 2009

MASSA: I'm the same bastard as before

Felipe Massa says he is the same driver he was before his dramatic accident at the Hungarian Grand Prix after testing a Formula 1 car again on Monday.

Felipe Massa:
"When I was inside the car it was as if nothing had happened: I'm the same bastard as before. Everything went well, I felt very good physically, it felt like the crash from 25 July had never occurred. I haven't had any eyesight problem and today I'd be ready to do not just one, but two races in a row. Obviously we need to respect the doctors' limitation as a precaution, but after getting in the car, I can say I'm back to what I was before the crash."

"We can start preparing for next year, which won't be an easy year because this one has been hard, and work to have a good car and fight for the championship. Alonso is a good professional, so I don't see why there should be any problem with him. He isn't coming here to become my best friend, what's important is the professional relationship."

"I'm still very angry about last year Singapore GP, because what happened then didn't change just a race, but the entire championship. The winner of that race is still Alonso, Briatore has gone home, while nothing has changed regarding what they stole away from us. I'm very sorry about it, because the result of the championship could have been different."