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Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Singapore Grand Prix organisers have carried out modifications to the circuit for this weekend's second race in the country. The Marina Bay circuit, which hosted F1's first night race last year, has been tweaked in several places in order to improve the racing conditions this season.

Among the most significant changes, there's a modification to the pit exit, which has been realigned to join the track after the first corner. The pit entry has also been realigned to leave the track before turn 22. Organisers said the circuit has been resurfaced between turns 5 and 7 in order to reduce the bumps many drivers complained about last year.

The rest of the changes are:

• The outer pit lane has been resurfaced.
• New kerbs have been installed on the entry to turns 1 and 5.
• The apexes of turns 13 and 14 have been tightened slightly.
• The second and third apexes of turn 10 have been moved left and right respectively to make the chicane slower.
• The kerbs on the three apexes of turn 10 have been redesigned in order to reduce the risk of a car being damaged if it crosses them.
• The kerbs on the exit of turn 14 have been moved 10 metres downstream.
• All rubber exit kerbs have additional fixations.
• An extra driver egress point has been added on the left between turns 17 and 18.
• The wall around the outside of turns 22 and 23 has been moved closer to the track.