Leaked FIA documents on renault in full

The Daily Mail has leaked the FIA documents on Renault in full. Here’s links to all of them:

1. Statement of Nelson Piquet

2. Supplementary Statement of Nelson Piquet to FIA

3. Letter from Lars Osterlind to Max Mosley

4. Report of Stewards’ investigation into the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix

5. 2008 Singapore Grand Prix Transcript of Extracts from Renault file “everything_08R15_Race_2008 192002”

6. Telemetry 1

7. Telemetry 2

8. Telemetry 3

9. Telemetry 4

10 Telemetry 5

11. Partial track map

12. Recovery vehicle locations

13. Letter from Flavio Briatore to Nelson Piquet Snr

14. Letter from Pierre de Coninck

15. Invitation to an extraordinary meeting of the WMSC