Sunday, September 27, 2009


"It was a tough race, not easy that is for sure. There is no break, so the focus is as much as you could possibly get. The track is fantastic and the fans here are amazing. I came here hoping to have a good result and hoping to redeem myself after the last race, I did it, we did it and very, very happy. It was a very very tough race, I think I could speak for all of us. Conditions made it very tough. Generally the race was pretty straightforward for me. I got a good start and managed to bridge a good enough gap. I knew I was longer than the guys behind me. I had a lot of serious pressure. I knew I was five laps longer, so I looking after tyres and it was a nicely controlled race."

"I don't know what lap it was. I had no problem in the car with KERS but the team said there was possibly a fault but it was still working. I had to disable it and re-engage it. There were quite a few switch changes. There was never a problem after that. I did have a bit of pressure from Nico and the cars behind at the beginning. They seemed to be quick at the beginning, I was looking after tyres but paid dividends in the end."

"I've never been to Suzuka but I've heard apart from Monaco it is the best circuit. I grew up watching it and I always wanted to go there. I am excited to be there. It will be a very tough weekend. It's tough to learn and master it in one weekend. We are going with the momentum from this race and hopefully we will have a competitive car again."

"It was a really good race. Start was a bit messy in the first corner, I had to attack. My first stint was good but I wasn't on their pace. I concentrated on my own car, keeping it at 100%. We were good here last year, I just pushed hard as possible. We didn't look strong Friday but it picked up fine. Qualifying was alright for us but not as great as we'd hoped. I saw Mark and Alonso battling, I saw a chance and went for the overtake, I had to get infront to make the strategy work. When the safety car came it worked too, I got in front of Fernando."

"The team has been fantastic, all season, we had a fantastic team. The mechanics and engineers, everyone in the factory, did the maximum, and sometimes we got some good results and sometimes were a bit unlucky. But this podium in a particular moment after what happened... it has been a difficult time for the team, now we put it behind us and we concentrate on the remaining races."

"And I dedicate this podium to Flavio - he is at home but he is part of the success we had today."

"The first lap was a little bit stressful, running to Turn 7 side-by-side with Mark, we both ran wide over the kerb and Timo took the benefit there and overtook me there in Turn 8. With the battle with Webber I lost position with Timo and finished the race behind him. No real complaints, it is fantastic for us. We didn't have the pace all weekend to be on the podium but we are on the podium so better than expected."