Saturday, August 22, 2009


"It is fantastic. Here we are, a fantastic achievement form the team in the last race and to come here not really knowing if we would have the same pace or others made a step forward. Here we are clearly competitive, myself and Heikki did a fantastic job. It's great to see us both there, because both of us have been wanting a one-two qualifying experience for a long time, so it is great to be here."

"Fortunately we managed to do some very good laps so we didn't have to do too many, but things can be improved. We are in the best position for myself and Heikki for a podium, but it all depends on strategy, how the start goes and how the race goes. It is a great result for us, it is well deserved, and great to know that we can continue with the momentum of the last race."

"I went over the limit and the high side you can argue. It could have been better. In qualifying you have to go for it, and had I not pushed to the limit I could have dropped three or four places. Luckily I did not lose more than one place. It is fine, a great place to start tomorrow. We have done a good improvement my side of the garage, everyone can be pleased. The factory has been working very hard and fingers crossed it is paying back now."

It has been a tough beginning of the season but I think we are focusing on working very hard, understanding the problems and moving forward, to improve the car and compete for pole position. Before coming here I knew we could fight again, it is always very close, if you get everything right there is a chance to be on pole. I pushed a bit too much in the last turn, I lose a bit of time. I would rather go for it."

"I will try to win, that is all that matters to me. Let's see what we have in a couple of hours when the fuel loads come about. In one way I am not on the very good side of the track, so it is not very clear. We need to see what it brings but I hope I have a really good start and I can be with the guys. If I have more fuel to be able to win, it will be a while before we can say anything."

"It was an excellent job from the team. Whenever the doors were open in the factory we were able to evaluate a lot of stuff and sometimes in life you need to go back to go forward. It is a good job to evaluate things and again to comment and to take the best out of the set-up. We did a good job, the tyre were workings well. In Hungary they were not. The car is in good shape."