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Saturday, August 29, 2009


2009 Belgian GP, Saturday Qualification TOP 3

"It is unbelievable, I didn't expect pole position, especially after yesterday. I was quite surprised because there was a lot of understeer and the measures of downforce levels. We went through the problems this morning and the car was much better, an in qualifying it was much better than expected."

"I was quickest in Q1, fourth in Q2, and then pole position. It is fantastic, I am so happy. I didn't expect that result, so I am really happy and looking forward to tomorrow. This is one of the my favourite circuits, I did well in the past and I was sure to be competitive this year but I didn't expect to be on pole."

"I am so happy for myself, for the team, my engineers, everybody. They did a fantastic job, and a fantastic step forward, especially from the last race. Considering our budget I didn't expect that. We were confident for sure to be top 15, and maybe top 10, but to be on pole position we didn't expect that. In Q1 I was quick, in Q2 fourth quickest so we played to do pole and I am on pole. Actually I think we are a little bit aggressive. We knew for the top three it was important to do that, but don't forget I was fourth quickest in Q2. We are not so slow."

"I am very confident for tomorrow. I have been running most of the weekend on heavy fuel and being second on our fuel load will mean a good race tomorrow. We came here and thought we would be strong, in Q2 we were top and in Q3 we looked good. I have to thank team and I dedicate this to all my mechanics who are going through a difficult moment and sometimes it is hard to understand what is going on."

"It is a mystery. We haven't done anything on car since the last race, yet we have been competitive all weekend. It is great for the team, for the engineers, my mechanics. We don't understand sometimes why we struggle so much or why we were so quick like today. We didn't really get a special update here - just the normal downforce and wing level changes for this kind of circuit."

"We spent most of the time basically balancing the car between the high-speed section and mid-speed section. We made a change on the car set-up this morning so I had better engine and better traction. But it is a good question, which none of us can answer, especially when things go wrong. When things go right we know we have a good car, we have had it since the beginning of the season. But we don't know why sometimes we are very bad, sometimes it changes from session to session."

"Third is important to everyone in the team. It shows that BMW wants to leave on a high and it's more important for the people in Hinwil. We are working on saving the team. It's difficult to say what will happen but it is important we have a good result."

"We have a couple of small updates, but nothing major, we are waiting for Singapore. One reason why it is so mixed here is it I a completely different track, it is a mid- downforce level. We usually stick on the car anything you find but not here. We've made god progress overnight. This morning there were another couple of changes, it went pretty smooth. From time to time there is traffic. Q2 I wasn't happy with set-up time, but I was convinced that Q3 could be possible."