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Sunday, June 7, 2009


Grand Prix drivers pledged their support for the stance adopted by FOTA following talks to discuss the current row in Istanbul on Sunday morning. Drivers and team principals from the eight current members of FOTA held a 25-minute get-together in the Toyota motorhome to discuss the current situation ahead of a crunch week to decide the future of the sport.

The discussions came after the Grand Prix Drivers' Association (GPDA) aired its concerns about the impact the situation was having on its members' careers - and the fact that the racers were having no say in what was going on.

Speaking after the Sunday morning meeting ended, Jarno Trulli said:
"All the drivers have the same feeling: to follow FOTA and respect above all the work they are doing on the coming rules and the running of Formula 1 in a serious way for the future. We were called today to be kept informed because of the rules not being clear and, being one of the few things that we have read, do not work and needed to be talked about from our part for reasons of safety. (Concerning) these rules, which we do not in any case consider are adequate, we share the same vision as FOTA."

Trulli said the drivers joined their teams in believing future rules plans were not good for the sport – with the FIA set to announce on Friday which teams have been accepted for next year's championship.

"Mosley must understand that there are some things that cannot happen," he said. "The rules for 2010 are absolutely not good because Formula 1 must remain the number one sport in the world, with great technology and with the manufacturers. You can't try and bring in other teams that maybe have never had any idea about what it takes to compete with the cars and in a championship of such a high level. Above all, with the rules we are completely out."

When asked if he felt the situation was now heading for a breakaway, Trulli said:
"At the moment we have to wait and see, because FOTA want to reach a solution together with the federation. However all of us drivers I think understand very well which is the right side to be on. I know that in the next week something should budge, it must move. Otherwise there will inevitably then be a split."