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Thursday, June 4, 2009


Q. Do you have improvements for this weekend?

Fernando Alonso: I think we have some new aerodynamic parts in the car, especially in the front wing. So we'll see. Obviously we know that our competitors have probably introduced new parts as well, so we don't expect a big revolution in terms of position. More or less it will stay the same.

But we don't stop. We keep working. I think it's a challenging circuit. After Monaco is always nice to come back here and see what is your real position, so we'll find out on Saturday. We are working hard and hopefully we can see some progress this weekend.

Q. There were comments in the Spanish press that you are frustrated by being in the midfield?

FA: I think those comments were not very well translated. But I think it's not easy to be in the midfield after six races after being fighting on top for three years in a year, 2005, 2006 and 2007. I was able to win races and fight for the championship.

And then last year, and these first six races, I have been more or less in the midfield and fighting hard to have just one or two points. So it's a different feeling, but I need to get used to this, keep working hard, and hopefully change the situation as soon as possible.

Q. How do you see Ferrari's form? Do you think they can fight with the Brawns here?

FA: I think it will be difficult for Ferrari to fight for victory, because I think Brawn is not pushing 100% in the races. I think they control the races quite well and if you look a the lap times you can see when they push hard.

I think Brawn has always something on hand to really do something more. And we cannot forget Red Bull also. Monaco was a difficult race for them because of the characteristics of the track and Monaco was maybe not the perfect layout for Red Bull. But I think here in Turkey they will be tough competitors and I think it will not be easy for us or Ferrari.

Q. With Brawn quick in all types of track, do you feel their car is much more than the diffuser?

FA: Yeah, for sure. It is the best car, there is no doubt. It's very good aerodynamically, it's very good mechanically, with good grip, because they can really attack the kerbs. They have a very strong car, they have finished all the races with both cars. They have very good starts, so there's no weak point at the moment. It's very difficult to beat them because it's difficult to find that weak point. They are the best in every area so that's quite impressive.

Q. Are you concerned the season could be over if Jenson continues the way he has been going?

FA: Yes, absolutely. There is a possibility that if Jenson continues winning, the championship will be mathematically over after 12 or 13 races. And for us much earlier than that, unfortunately. I think it's good for him, obviously, but it's a shame, because it has been very nice to see the last two championships decided in the last race. That was quite good for the sport and the spectators, as people love this type of fighting. This year, I'm not saying is boring, but you know... In the end, the best wins, and Jenson has been by far the best in the first part of the season and if he continues at this level he will be champion very soon.

Q. Why do you think Jenson has been comprehensible better than Rubens in the same car?

FA: I don't know. I think at the moment everything has been perfect for Jenson and in the second part of the championship we may see a different thing. Rubens has been a little bit less consistent than Jenson, a little bit up and down. Jenson has been much more consistent, so he deserves the pole positions and the victories just because he has been a stronger driver.

Q. This year is closer than ever, yet you need one of the best two cars to win a race, isn't it frustrating that the driver can't make a bigger difference?

FA: Well, you can always make a difference. Sometimes between team-mate there are not the same positions or the same lap times. It's true that even if it's the closest championships in terms of lap times, we see the championship is two Brawn drivers, two Red Bulls, two Toyotas, etc. It's team by team. That's something that the new rules didn't achieve this year. Even if the times are very close, the championship order is still team by team.

There are no mixed drivers or mixed teams, like we saw last year, where McLaren won one race, then Ferrari won another, and BMW. And in the end it was Kubica, Hamilton and Massa, three drivers from three different teams fighting for the title. This year is more of a fight between team-mates so it's no good.