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Saturday, June 20, 2009


Sebastian Vettel:
Yeah, fantastic weekend. From the beginning to the end we didn't have a single problem. All the new parts we brought here seemed to have worked very well, so I think we have made a step forward but you know, when it comes to qualifying there is tension there. You try to do your best. It was quite difficult today. At the beginning of qualifying I was struggling a little bit sometimes here and there with traffic. The wind was not such a big issue today but it was always a bit tricky when you have cars ahead of you, you can feel it even though you are three or four seconds behind. So in the first two qualifying sessions I was struggling a little bit. Then in Q2 we put on the soft tyres and then from there onwards I was quite happy with the car.

Rubens Barrichello:
I`m very, very pleased. I think those guys have been doing a fantastic job the whole weekend. For me, too, it was the best lap of the weekend in Q3 where I took the extreme of the car. I need to check if I breathed during the lap because it was such a nice one. Silverstone has always been quite good and I want to thank all my engineers for their hard work because we found a good balance and I'm pleased to be in the middle of them (the Red Bulls) at least. It's going to be hard to beat them tomorrow but that's what I'm here for.

Mark Webber:
"I would have liked a slightly cleaner run on my last Q3 lap. Kimi was, I don't know, drinking some vodka or dreaming or something, I don't know what hell he was doing but he should have been on the right and he was on the racing line, dreaming. That wrecked my rhythm really into Stowe, I was very tight into there. Kimi couldn't have done a better job of distracting me. He was right on the racing line, on the most important lap of qualifying and it ruined my rhythm."

"No one is here to listen to a shopping list of excuses. I would have liked to have got more out of the car on the last lap, that wasn't the case, we're still third. Congratulations to Seb, he did a good job. A lot of frustration but hey I'm not tenth on the grid. We've made some changes this weekend and they have worked. This is the fastest the car has ever been. All the hard work is now being realised. We're definitely in for a good result tomorrow if we can have a clean race."

Jenson Button:
"I really struggled with low grip, especially in the last section, losing a lot of time to Rubens. It's been that way all weekend, it's not fantastic. Rubens is very quick here, today I just couldnt find it, I just hope we've got the right amount of fuel on board compared to the guys ahead of us on track, the car is just hard to drive here."

Kimi Raikkonen:
"I didn't have much expectations, I didn't know exactly where we are, so overall I think we did as good a job as we could in the qualifying. Unfortunately the car is more or less where we are now. We did nothing wrong, we couldn't really go much faster."

Felipe Massa:
"The race will not be so easy, but the race is the race and many things can happen, so I hope we can have some things in our favour. The KERS doesn't do much here."

Lewis Hamilton:
"I did the best I could with the car, what can I say, we were slow. The great thing is that I've had incredible support these past two days form the fans so thank you to all of them. I don't think I could have done more even if the session wasn't red flagged, I was pushing but it was nothing special. Yeah the race weekend is effectively over, but anything can happen tomorrow in the race so we'll keep pushing and put a show on for the fans."