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Monday, May 4, 2009

Spain GP: Some word aboout Catalunya

After a little more than a month, since the start of the 2009 season, the Formula 1 is back in good old Europe for the Grand Prix Spain, Catalunya circuit on the northern outskirts of Barcelona.

In the last week we had significant turning point decisions in F1. The World Council meeting had two issues on the agenda: the case of McLaren, broke out after the lies in Melbourne, and the cap of the F1 budget. The Council has disqualified the Woking team for three races, but the penalty was suspended, and will be applied only in case of any further breach of 151c in the next twelve months. The government of motor sport has also approved the proposal of the FIA president Mosley on the cap for F1 budget.

Until 2010 comes, teams will have to decide whether to continue to have a free budget, or join the cap, set at 40 million pounds. In return, the teams that join the budget cap will have ample freedom in the technical field. The teams were split between those that agreed to discuss, and among those who thundered against the decision. Among second one`s was Ferrari and insistantly there was gossips of a possible abandonment of the F1. As replica of that Mosley has said that Formula 1 can survive without Ferrari, the only team to have participated in all editions of the World Championships from 1950 to today.

However the clock is ticking, and in June will be final approvement of the 2010 regulation. FOTA will meet on 6 may to discuss about these FIA decisions.

The Grand Prix of Spain marks, as is the case for several years, the beginning of the European season, the team will remain on the old continent until September, except for travel to Turkey in early June. This provides an opportunity for teams to debut new updates to the cars, especially aerodynamic upgrades. The Montmelo track is a track where aerodynamics has a great deal, thanks to his long fast curve, as the curves Renault, Repsol, Banc de Sabadell and New Holland.

Spain GP in the past was held on other circuits like Jarama, Jerez especially, but since 1991 it returns every year to Catalunya. The track was built taking advantage of investment for the Olympics in 1992, and apart from some slight changes over the years, the layout remained the same, although in 2007 had been made a major change by inserting a chicane curves between Europcar and New Holland.

This is a technicaly interesting race, and usually is won by the best car, and at the end of the year that car ussualy wins the world manufacturers competition. Only the rain could change things, but no one had seen a falling drop of water in these parts since 1996.

This Grand Prix will be a real test for the Ferrari and other teams that are in pursuit of Brawn. A new victory for Jenson Button will mark end of battle for 2009 World Driver Championship, which would remain open only for math. Of course Ferrari and McLaren will not surrender without a fight!

At least we hope so...