Jenson Button (Brawn GP) triumphed on the track of Catalonia, Spain, in the fifth round of Formula 1 World Cup using a tire choise: soft - soft - hard. The English driver has crossed the finish line with a advantage of thirteen seconds from Rubens Barrichello who has used soft - soft - soft - hard. The two pilots of the team Brawn GP preceded on the podium Mark Webber (Red Bull Racing), who used the same strategy of the winner. The Bridgestone Potenza tires with soft compound have demonstrated a consistent performance and speed on this track, ensuring the fastest time on lap compared to the hard compound tires.

Hiroshi Yasukawa - Bridgestone Motorsport Manager:
"Congratulations to Jenson Button for the victory and the team Brawn GP for 1-2 win. We are very pleased to see an independent team as the Brawn GP achieve excellent performance and good to see Jenson show his talent. Spain is a very important market for Bridgestone, and great satisfaction for us to begin the European season with a race in which our tires was particularly efficient . The lap times were very close and we saw a great race on this track. "

Hirohide Hamashima - Bridgestone Motorsport Development Manager:
"We saw exciting race in terms of strategies for win. It was evident throughout the weekend that the softer compound tires would have allowed a higher performance than those with hard compound, so the best strategy in the race was to maximize the time spent on the track with the soft tires. We have seen various strategies of two or three pit stops. Congratulations to Jenson Button, who with the strategy of two pit stops finish in first position and Rubens Barrichello, to be again on the podium, Mark Webber had an excellent race. Most pilots found the soft tire very durable and designed to ensure more fast laps compared to the hard compound tire. Some drivers have suffered the degradation of the rear tire, but that was expecte, but overall the performance of our tires was excellent and there were no major problems. "

Race Statistic:
Race time: 14:00-15:37

1h 37m 19.202s

1h 37m 32.258s

1h 37m 33.126s

Compounds used: hard / soft

Air: 25 ° C to 24 ° C
Track: 40 ° C to 37 ° C
Weather: Sunny / Cloudy

Strategies used for tires on Spanish Grand Prix.
At the Spanish Grand Prix, Bridgestone Potenza tires with softer compound was marked with a green stripe on the shoulder of the tire.

1 Jenson Button | Soft-Hard-Soft | Brawn GP
2 Rubens Barrichello | Soft-Soft-Soft-Hard | Brawn GP
3 Mark Webber | Soft-Hard-Soft | Red Bull Racing
4 Sebastian Vettel | Soft-Hard-Soft | Red Bull Racing
5 Fernando Alonso | Soft-Hard-Soft | Renault
6 Felipe Massa | Soft-Hard-Soft | Ferrari Marlboro
7 Nick Heidfeld | Soft-Hard-Soft | BMW Sauber
8 Nico Rosberg | Soft-Hard-Soft | Williams