SPAIN GP: Friday's press conference - FORMULA 1


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Friday, May 8, 2009

SPAIN GP: Friday's press conference

Ross BRAWN (Brawn GP), Aldo COSTA (Ferrari), Patrick HEAD (Williams), Pat Symonds (Renault).


Q. Ross, would you like to start on the overtaking situation as you and Pat were on the overtaking working group I think.

Ross BRAWN: No, I wasn't. Pat was. Our drivers are reporting that the cars are easier to follow. They have still got an imbalance when they follow other cars. But the cars are easier to follow. At the moment we have got the situation that some cars have KERS and some are without KERS. We have had several occasions where we have managed to get on the back of a car with KERS and we can't overtake it as it uses KERS to pull away, so we have got a little bit of an odd situation at the moment but the general impression from our guys is that the cars are better and because they have got this adjustable front wing it also helps to get the car set up when you are coming up behind someone.

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