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Sunday, May 10, 2009


"It is a dream come true so far this season, even when times are tough we seem to be able to get the wins. When it goes well it goes well, last year when it went bad it went bad. I feel on top of the world at the moment. The team have done a great job and with this package you could see we have got our advantage back again, and thanks to Mercedes as we couldn't do it without them.
Coming back to Europe and winning at Barcelona, a circuit I have always found tough, is great and gives me a lot of confidence for the rest of the season."

"The race evolved quite well, I had a great start and went to the lead. I was running a tiny bit quicker than Jenson to begin with and had two more laps of fuel, so it was running quite well. I heard they changed Jenson's strategy and I had to keep on pushing. My third set of tyres was not good, I don't know if something was broken on car. So I couldn't keep the pace up, and from then on it was a struggle to keep the car on the track and a relief to come second. I'm disappointed because I didn't win the race because I felt I had it in the bag today, but it's still great for the team."

"As I said before the race, you have to finish it.We had favourable circumstances since the start of the race, gaining a few positions, and then Massa with the problem that he had. We were a bit lucky, and the car was good during the whole race so we could. In the end we saw that we weren't so light, the Brawns stopped ahead of us and the Toyotas too, so the strategy worked well. I only had a problem, which was a puncture. I was scheduled to stop on lap 45 but had to stop on lap 41, but I managed to stay ahead of Rosberg and nothing changed much."


I didn't see the starting lights, because the rear wing (of the cars before him) is so high. I had problem with throtle."


"It was a very frustrating day for me because I was optimistic our strategy was good and I would be able to score a lot of points, unfortunately my race did not last very long. I had a poor start because the engine didn't pull exactly as it should have done so I lost some positions and was right behind Alonso and Rosberg going into the first corner. Rosberg went off then during the next corner he came back on to the track right next to me. I had to avoid him because he came back on really quickly. I had to steer off the track and lost control of the car over the grass, so I spun and someone hit me. But there is no point in looking back; now we have to focus on the next race when hopefully we can achieve a much better result."

"All I know is that I was exiting turn two, accelerating as normal, then I saw the cars in front of me stopping pretty much and I didn't even have time to react. I could hardly brake and I ended up hitting my team-mate, jumped over him and it was all over. It was a pretty big hit and I thought I was going to roll over."

"I didn't have such a good start Raikkonen and Heikki overtook me into the first corner. Exiting the first corner Trulli spun and I had to brake hard to avoid him. Bourdais didn't see me and he just went over my car. There's not much to say. I just stayed in and I saw his tyre go over my head. That's more or less it."

"It just hit my car and I had to stop, suspension broken. I couldn't really do anything about it. It was just one of those racing incidents. It's the first corner, very tight."