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Monday, May 4, 2009

BMW Sauber: Problems with new difusor

It 's not yet certain that BMW will use new double-deck diffusor for the race in Spain. "It is not defined yet will they have it or not," said the head of the team Mario Theissen to German newspaper Sport Bild. The Bavarian team had a tough start to the season and hopes that the upgrades in Spain will lead to more positive results. According to Bild, the designers of the team have designed a double diffusor for the car, but computer simulations have questioned its effectiveness.

Robert Kubica, who failed to score any points in the championship said: "I`m not optimistic. We will make progress in Barcelona, but it 'unlikely to be big."

His team mate Nick Heidfel added: "We made the first four races without major changes on our machine, the other team have constantly upgraded their cars and they went more ahead of us. "