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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Red Bull aims to Mercedes Engines

Christian Horner did not rule out the possibility that Red Bull can change their supplier of engines after the 2009 season. The team of Milton Keynes has a contract with Renault that ends at the end of this year, and several sources have indicated possibility Mercedes-Benz as new supplier for next season.

"For the moment, we not negotiate with a new engine partner. But at the same time we did not rule out a change. Ross Brawn has shown that it can be build a competitive car with a completely new engine. In this case, Mercedes. Horner also said that the KERS system developed by Mercedes seems to be the best system currently on the market, it is compact and has no adverse effects on the balance of the car, which is the fundamental problem for the other manufacturers of the Kers systems.

In addition to McLaren, the Mercedes-Benz currently provides engines and for Force India and Brawn.