Saturday, April 18, 2009


Sebatian Vettel:
"It was always last minute, only one run on the hard tyre in Q1, the same in Q2 on soft tyres. It was not easy, we had problems with car so we tried to run as little as possible. The car was good, as you could see. There is no second chance with only one lap, it was not so easy, but I'm very happy. Unbelieveable that we made it to pole position. It seems the less I run in free practice the better I qualify! We had some difficulties and great job to mechanics, they worked all night. I saw everyone was observing the others for their first run and the track was improving, but you dont know what to expect when it's your first run, it has to be okay from the beginning, forutnately it was. Looking forward to tomorrowws race, it's a long one."

Fernando Alons
"It's been a strange weekend for us with a completely new car this mroning and only 3 laps, so we arrived to quali with some doubts, we didnt know how car would repsond, so we're extremely happy with the result. The team have worked flat out for three weeks, well done to them, so we had to deliver for them. I'm happy with the performance today which is thanks to the big effort from the team. The first races were not a disaster, the car was okay but we were not quick enough, the field is so close that a couple of tenths makes a huge difference and lots of positions, we have seen that today. Fuel loads etc we will see for tomorrow. We did some more analysis on KERS on some circuits, we saw that it needed time to test, we had some concerns, there were problems in malaysia, water got in to the system and that's not ideal for safety, so for safety and the fact there is no test, no KERS this race."

Mark Webber:
"Absolutely a great result, the work of the team has been incredible. The session itself I was expecting to be tighter, but we've done a good job, I'm happy with today. It's been a testing winter for me, the leg was not straightforward added to the other injuries, I've been determined to get in the best shape possible to overcome the injuries, me and Seb pushing each other hard, it's going well!"

Jenson Button:
"It's not quite as good as we expected but the Red Bulls were quick in high speed corners, it looks like they had 3 tenths on us, they're competitive. They're gonna be tough to beat, we knew they were competiitve but not that good! It's not a shock, they've been quick since the start, but their car is working on this type of circuit. It's very tough to ovetrake here so it's bad we're behind them."

Kimi Raikkonen:
"Of course I'm not happy with eighth place but, given our current potential, we have to settle for this. We got everything out of the car but we had no more new tyres for Q3 and therefore, it's already something to have put quite a few of our competitors behind us. The problem is still the same, we are just not quick enough. The car's handling isn't bad, but as I've said before, we are giving away a second to the best. I hope we get some developments quickly but, in the meantime, we try to do the best with what we've got. I hope we have a good race and pick up a few points."