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Sunday, April 5, 2009


Jenson Button
"What a crazy race, it really was. My start was pretty bad. I don't think I had heat in my rear tyres, 4th, 3rd, then first. Choosing the tyres in the rain here is really hard. We tried full wet, wrecked. We then tried intermediates, we got reasonable pace and then the wet. Still haven't seen the final flag without the safety car."

Nick Heidfeld

"I think it was a very difficult race. I went straight to extra wets, then the team told me it would be better to do inters. I stayed out on the wets, my rear tyres were destroyed, it was like a slick. I tried to stay on the circuit. I did my best and so did the team."

Timo Glock

"A tricky race I have to say, one of the best races I could ever do. On the start we struggled, I couldn't believe Alonso and Raikkonen were ahead of me in the first corner. In the traffic it was really tricky, I seen the cloud always and asked for the rain estimated time when we were so close to the pit stop. I decided inter, we went for it. In the end it paid off. The last two laps behind the safety car, my engineer told me, you're leading the race, then I saw Jenson, I hope I stay in P3 after being told it up by the podium."

Rubens Barrichello
"Yeah, it was the right decison to stop it [the race], thats the unfortunate thing of a 5pm start, visibility now from the sky wouldn't be easy, not just the rain. It was a great race, but we had some dodgy pitstops! The car was great to race, we lost a bit too much during pitstops, but another win for Button, well done."

Nico Rosberg
"The race started really well for us, we had a fantastic start. I did well and the team gave me a good car. It felt nice and I was able to push, I was comfortable however Jenson was a bit quicker. We didn't get the choices right in the rain, seventh is a bit disappointing but okay. It's better not to continue the race, it was unreal out there, I was aquaplaning and going 30kmph!"

Lewis Hamilton
"We had an exciting race, we did the best we could. Conditions were impossible to drive, I was aquaplaning everywhere, it was very dangerous, most dangerous race I've been in. Our first tyre change was maybe wrong but the other two were okay."

Heikki Kovalainen
"My start was okay," said Kovalainen. "I was taking it quite carefully and was trying to slot in behind Lewis, then I just lost the rear and spun out. It was my mistake. Game over."

Kimmi`s Ferrari
"Kimi's car has a KERS issue so we are investigating, we've seen from the telemetry their is an issue. We need to be sure if we really want to run it or not. Kimi is very interested if their is a chance, we told him now their is a chance. Stefano is going back to take the decision."

Sebastien Bourdais
"Round about lap 18, we were running low on fuel so we were hoping for rain before the end of the first stint. It didn't come quite in time and we gambled on extreme wets as heavy rain was expected, but instead it was more like drizzle, so we changed again to intermediates. Then the rain really came and I had to come
in again for extremes and after that, the race was stopped. It was a shame, as it seemed we were pretty competitive in these very changeable conditions. I would have liked to restart, as it might have been an opportunity to pick up points, even if only half-points."

Sebastien Buemi
"We were really going well and I think I was around P7 or 8 and the plan was to come in on the following lap, but then I went off at Turn 5. The extreme tyres were completely gone, like driving on slicks and I slowed down, but obviously not enough for the amount of water, so I spun, went into the gravel and stalled. We were competitive in terms of speed at some stages, running in the top six lap times, even though I was running last, having had to come in to change the nose. I think one of the Force India cars pushed me wide at the exit of the last corner and I ran over something that broke the front wing. I am disappointed as the spin at the end was my mistake and it is on days like this that we should have picked up some points."

Sebastian Vettel
"I was approaching Turn 7 and there was suddenly lots of water, but I was being very cautious. I lost the car due to aquaplaning and there was nothing I could do. There was too much water and my tyres were not made for those conditions. "A spin wouldn't have been much of a problem, but the anti-stall didn't work. Without that, I would just have spun, lost some time and that would have been it. In the past drivers had three pedals, a throttle, a brake and a clutch and when you were spinning you knew exactly what to do. It's not in our hands anymore, so it's a shame that we have to retire for this stupid reason."