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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Comments After Qualifying

Jenson Button:
"This is more special than Melbourne, as it's not easy to get two poleson the trot, I've never achieved that in my career. It's great, and it shows the car works in different circumstances. The car works okay for us in most circumstances. The car still has the same old issues like it did when it was slow, it's just faster! It's still having understeer, but we changed it overnight and its improved it a lot, I feel very comfortable. Tomorrow is going to be very exciting."

Jarno Trulli:
"Well, a good fight is what we're looking for. It will be nice race, we didn't expect to be here today, the car was struggling yesterday. The team have done a good job. Lets think about tomorrow. the car is much more comfortable that it used to be. The race will be interesting being later in afternoon so will probably bring showers, that's not great but it's much cooler and easier for us. I'm waiting to see the outcome of tomorrow, but we're very confident."

Fernando Alonso:
"I had no temperature this morning so I managed to be in good condition for qualifying, so no excuses from my side. We didn't deliver today as we expected, we wanted to be in the top 5 or top 7, but it was not possible for us. We need to improve, from todays result we know we're not in good shape. We need to improve the car and be quicker. Neither me or the car are in the shape we wanted!"

Rubens Barrichello:

"Whole in whole, fair and square qualifying. Right now, I have a car that is understeering, not sure where its coming from, sad taste, couldn't solve that right now, we will see."

Sebastien Vettel:
"The secret is to focus on what were here for. I have the penalty there's nothig we can do about that, it's a shame to see as the car is performing very well, which is good to see, so the plus 10 penalty is a shame. It will be a tough day for me tomorrow, but nothing is impossible. It is tough out there, not a big problem these conditions, it's cloudy so not as warm, but we can't see that much as the sun is low. The rain usually comes later in the day, when e race is, so anything can happen."

Lewis Hamilton:
"To be expected to get 13th, nothing changed. Tough as ever on the track - car doesn't feel terrible, just not able to take enough speed through the corners, we can move forward"

Heiki Kovalainen:
"Pretty much expected, tough to get into top 10, the fact is we don't have enough performance, we've improved little by little, still not enough. A lot of things have been going on, team has kept focus very well, we've been working normally on the setup, like normal. It is a good effort from the team under difficult circumstances."

Felipe Massa:
"I think it was both a mistake and problem, I didn't make a fantastic lap, very competitive car, just need perfect lap, we thought it was enough. It was not enough, it was a surprise. Kind of mistake, will try to do my best from the back."

Ross Brawn:
"A very tough challenge from Toyota`s. We didn't know where the opposition were until now, Q2 told us, we've saved tires with Jenson, he's in good shape for the race. Jarno looked very quick. Once we started and got a reference time in Q1, we were very strong. No one with KERS around us at the start which is very nice, Jarno's long runs look good. Great race coming up tomorrow"