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Saturday, April 25, 2009


"It wasn't an easy qualifying for everyone, after the first lap, troubles in my car, pedal and brakes were wrong. I didn't give up, I knew I had a good car. It was really nice to end up with P1-P2, it's great to show everyone how good it is."

"Was not too bad, we found a bit overnight, we was struggling with the brakes, really happy this morning, quite surprised I was still quickest. The wind changed a bit in qualifying, bit pointy and nervous was the car, Q3 lap was ok, Start/Finish I knew I wouldn't catch Jarno, I knew it wouldn't be enough for pole. I think its good for team"

John Howard, TOYOTA:
"It's a combination of pace and strategy, I don't think we're excessively light but we are aggressive. The car has been quick most of the season, between the top 3 teams its very close. We were pushing for front couple of rows because of the tyres. The soft tyre is difficult to manage so we need free air if we're gonna use it."

"Very surprised by our pace, we struggled compared to whole field, it is gonna be tough tomorrow. We don't have pace of the Red Bulls and Toyota. When in 4th and 5th it's tough, and our pace will be good if it's hot tomorrow. We think we're 4th fuel corrected. The car is good over long runs but the one lap pace isn't great. We're not heavy, I think the guys ahead are about the same as us."

"I think it's a result of all the team's work, we've been pushing hard over the past couple of months, very proud of team. The car has been a lot different this weekend even though there''s not many updates, I enjoy driving the car. Strategy wise, it will be interesting to see what the other guys are doing, we should be okay for tomorrow, we'll fight for positions."

"We try the maximum in the race, it's not really much worse than being in 10th or 9th position, but it's frustrating. We always aim for 10th, to get to Q3. I didn't have problems, the balance had been good all weekend, the car just didn't have pace."

"Yeah i was blocked by Adrian, I don't usually get caught out. It's the worst corner to get held up on, I had nowhere to go. Then my next lap was gone too, absolute disaster. There's no point protesting, my race is screwed.

"Yeah i blocked Mark, it was a tricky incident. I was concentrating on the car in front of me, Alonso slowed down to have clear exit for the opening lap, so did I, it was normal. I saw Webber in my mirrors, I thought he was on outlap so I defended my position and had to overtake him again on the straight to start my lap, it was a big confusion, I just didn't know what to do."