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Sunday, April 26, 2009


"It was a tought race for us, this weekend we haven't had the pace we had the first few races, I guess these guys just caught us up and maybe overtook us. The first lap was very important as Sebastien was going longer, and I made it work by making up a couple of position. From then on it was a tough race but very enjoyable."

"Very good result for us, but very difficult. The start was okay but then all of a sudden Lewis was next to me. I guess his KERS gave him good advantage. Jenson was next to me and I gave way, unfortunately I lost two positions. Following cars damages your tyres, and here you need the best from your tyres. I knew I had a longer first stint which put me just behind Jarno, which hurt my strategy. All of the last stint he was very close in my mirrors, but I did no mistakes and we came second."

"I'm a bit disappointed as I was waiting for the first win for Toyota. It was a hard race, I was following my teammate. During the 2nd stint it was very long stint using hard tyres, I was fighting a lot and not extremely quick on hard tyres, eventually Seb took the position after my last stop and then I was pushing him. I want to thank the team, they did a very good job and lets fight for the next race."

"I'm delighted with fourth.The Toyotas, Red Bulls and Brawns were so fast in the high-speed corners that it was just impossible to keep up. But this is another encouraging step for the team, we just need to keep working on the car because we're not really fighting back quite yet, we are collecting points. And the gap will be bigger when we go to Barcelona because it's a high-downforce circuit. We should challenge for the top 10 there, but another top five will be harder."

"I am happy to have picked up a few points but I can't be that pleased with our performance level. I've been around long enough not to get very excited about a sixth place. We are well aware we have to improve. In theory, the new package we will have in Barcelona should see us make a good step forward, but we won't know just how big it will be compared to the others until we are on track in Spain. Today, we got the most out of the F60's current potential, even if I lost a bit of time in my final pitstop because of a problem with a part of the fairing on the left front wheel which cost me the chance of exiting pitlane ahead of Barrichello."

"I had a big problem throughout the whole race, my telemetry was not working, and my KERS too. I had a big incident on the first corner I was sandwiched between Rubens and Kimi, my front wing was broken so I came in to pit, and from then my race was damaged. Then I was behind traffic so I couldn't do much."

"It was a promising start from the dirty side of the grid, I was surprised. I kept to Jarno on the first stint and we pitted first which was not unexpected. When I went out for my second stint on prime tyres I lost lots of time, I was much slower than Jarno. It went wrong after the first pit stop, the prime tyre just did not work for me, it didn't get any heat in."