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Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Stefano Domenicali: "A step forward already by the GP of Spain"

The Championship this year seems to scroll very quickly, because after the Bahrain Grand Prix next Sunday, nearly one fourth of the season (four of seventeen already finished) will be completed in the space of a month.

The cars, the equipment and the staff of the Scuderia Ferrari have already been transferred from the Shanghai International Circuit in Sakhir, structure among the most modern in the calendar. This year will be the sixth time to run this race.Ferrari won three times, Michael Schumacher in 2004 won the inaugural race and Felipe Massa have two wins in the last two editions. Remaining two wins are for Fernando Alonso with Renault. Bahrain wouldn`t be only race in the Middle East this year, because the teams will return to this part of the world at the end of the season on the new circuit in Abu Dhabi. With the support Mubadala and Etihad give the Scuderia, this will be a very important weekend for Ferrari.

The team is preparing for the Grand Prix of Bahrain more or less in the same conditions like in the Chinese Grand Prix last Sunday, as the car does not have any news. This will be the last time we will see the F60 in this configuration, since the work in Maranello will make possible a new aerodynamic package, which includes a dual difuser, already on his first visit to Europe for the Grand Prix of Spain.

"We faced a difficult start of season," admitted the director Stefano Domenicali . "We knew that we would have suffered in China and, in all probability, still suffer this weekend. After this race, we hope to step forward already by the Grand Prix of Spain, although it certainly can not expect the teams that are ahead of us to pause and also expect to develop further their own cars. However, the most important thing and that whole team and everyone at Maranello are working very hard to leave this situation as soon as possible. We have not yet score points this season, but I want to be clear that we have not given up on fighting for the championship title this year. And there would be no reason, given that there are, theoretically, still 252 points up for grabs for each team.

The development we do in parallel with the races, and always has been so every year and this will continue whatever the outcome of the upcoming competitions. Although the situation can`t be worse than this, we don`t gave up because this behavior is absolutely not part of the our philosophy and Ferrari. With the same group of people today, we have already fought in situations like this, in a situation that seemed impossible from the outside to manage.

As a team, the Scuderia has worked well in Shanghai, taking the difficult decision to run without Kers, that was the right choice, given the doubts about the safety of the system, and security must be priority number one. During this week, in Maranello, the engineers will reproduce the conditions that have put the system in crisis Kers in Malaysia and China, to try to resolve the problem. Engineers continue to work on this until Thursday, when the decision will be final with regard to use or not Kers in Bahrain. Priority will be to instal into Felipe Massa car, becouse there are fewer problems with weight. So we make every effort to reintroduce the Kers, so that the car could benefit from the leading edge in performance that the system gives.

This weekend is not first visit in this year for Ferrari at the Sakhir circuit, as team had test here in February when, although two days were lost due to sand storms, have collected data much important as the cars that follow the new regulation will react strongly to stress that the runway requires the soft tires. So many things have been changed since then, that the data collected can not be seen as a guide to race. After all, the temperatures should be much higher than in February.