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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

FIA Officialy Revert Points System

The FIA has now officially reverted Formula 1's points system back to how it was last year, after abandoning the 'winner takes all' concept.

Last week, the FIA's World Motor Sport Council approved a move to hand the world championship to the driver who scored the most wins, rather than the one who scored the most points.

That decision angered F1 teams and, through the Formula One Teams' Association (FOTA), it complained that the rule change had been implemented against the FIA's own regulations - which state such late alterations to the regulations cannot go through without the unanimous support of the teams.

The FIA reacted to FOTA's stance by stating that if the teams were unhappy it would revert the points system back to what it was originally.

That process has now been completed, with the official 2009 Sporting Regulations updated on Tuesday to confirm that the world championship will be decided by points.

The confusion about the points has left the sport facing criticism from observers, however. Red Bull Racing's Mark Webber was one who was particularly unimpressed by the events of the last week.

"We changed our minds again and we washed our clothes in public again," said the Australian.