Formula 1 fans watching on television will get access to more data than ever before this season, with the sport's broadcasters accepting proposals put forward by teams to enhance the show.

This included fuel strategy graphics, racing line details, pit stop predictors and total access to the teams' radio channels.

McLaren team principal Martin Whitmarsh, who heads up the sporting group within FOTA, believes that fans will be the biggest winners from the new information - especially total access to radio transmissions.

"How many teams over the years have spent lots of money with encrypted radio systems to prevent that? That was a big, big initiative," he said at the recent FOTA launch in Geneva.

"There are lots of little one-liners, and I think in a year's time we'll take them for granted. I think in a year's time we won't have perhaps recognised the significance of some of the proposals that have come from FOTA.

"But I do think that the sport and the ability for fans to become involved, to buy into it, to understand it, and to enjoy it, will be greater."

He added: "I think anyone who's responsible for the commercial development of the sport has got to be ecstatic about the teams cooperating more fully with how we develop those things."