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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Domencali says reliability main concern

Ferrari team boss Stefano Domencali is confident the F60 is quick enough to be at the front in Melbourne, but admitted that reliability is still a concern.

Indications from recent tests suggest that Ferrari has more reliability issues than its rivals, and Domenicali acknowledged this resolving this was the team's priority.

"Over the last days I've been to Barcelona to follow the last stages of the test sessions and I've seen a very concentrated and determined team," he said.

"We're satisfied with the level of our car as far as the performance is concerned. It's obvious that we still have some work to do and that we have to concentrate on its reliability.

"Last year we've seen how important reliability and the smallest details are. We have to work much harder in this direction."

Domenicali was unwilling to predict where Ferrari stood relative to its rivals at present, although he agreed with Felipe Massa's comments that the new Brawn GP team is in very good shape.

"I don't want you to think that I'm avoiding an answer, but it's more difficult than ever to say anything about the levels on the track," said Domenicali.

"Until a couple of days ago there was a great equilibrium between the different teams - some expected and some a bit less - and then there was Brawn GP's exploit; their performance was incredibly surprising and they have to be watched with care.

"We think that we're part of the more competitive teams, but there are still many unknown factors to consider. We have to wait for Melbourne to get the answers."

Earlier this week Renault boss Flavio Briatore hinted that there could be protests against some teams' interpretation of the 2009 rules, particularly in relation to Williams and Toyota's diffusers. Domenicali is confident that Ferrari will not receive any complaints, but can see the need the clarification.

"We think that we've applied the modified regulations - after the work done by the OWG (Overtaking Working Group) together with the FIA - to the letter," he said.

"It might be that others took a different approach. The FIA has to dissipate any doubt, let's hope they'll do it fast and clearly."