Today McLaren is rightly regarded as one of the greatest racing teams in history, this year the British Team celebrates 50 birthday. Jubilee was celebrated, also by publishing the stories of the men who helped to forge that reputation in the crucible of automotive competition. With a range of highly competitive cars run across a broad spectrum of motorsport categories since 1964, McLaren has attracted many of the world's greatest racing drivers.

These are the stories of the most significant of them, from the heroism of Hulme and Dan Gurney in holding the shattered team together in the aftermath of Bruce McLaren's death on 2 June 1970, to the understated assurance of Mika Hakkinen and the brilliance of Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button; from the unique victories by Mike Walker in the Formula 3 M4A in 1968 to Neil Allen's Tasman successes, Scooter Patrick's Canam swan song, and Mark Donohue's stellar triumphs in North America.

All in 336 pages, colour, hardback