Ahead of the effective ban on the off-throttle use of blown diffusers from next month's British Grand Prix, motor racing's governing body has shown it is determined to prevent teams from using any form of clever engine use to help aerodynamic performance. In a note sent from F1 technical delegate Charlie Whiting to the teams, he made it clear that with immediate effect teams will no longer be allowed to change engine maps between qualifying and the race.

Engine maps are used like a power boost in qualifying, with teams maximising the pressures from the engine that go through the blown diffuser and generate downforce. This in turn increases the temperatures that the floor of the car is subject to, and needs to be reduced in race trim in order to prevent reliability issues and save fuel.

While the potential impact on pace-setters Red Bull will be closely scrutinised in Valencia, it is expected that the ruling will just reduce the performance of the whole grid in qualifying. Theoretically teams who can run closer to the qualifying map in the race could benefit slightly on Saturday, but there is likely to be little or no effect on race pace.