British most famous motosport magazine, Autosport, has learned that Formula 1 chiefs are considering a move to make the Indian Grand Prix the season finale on December 4 as a way of slotting the Bahrain GP back on the calendar. As discussions continue between Bernie Ecclestone, the FIA and Bahrain officials about the race returning to the schedule, high level sources have revealed that Indian officials have been asked to look at a race date change to help accommodate the Sakhir event.

Current plan being favoured, should Bahrain be given the green light to return to the schedule, is for the Middle Eastern race to take India's current October 30 slot. There would then be a two-week gap before the Abu Dhabi GP on November 13, after which the young driver test would take place from November 15-17. Brazil would then keep its current November 27 date, with India then being moved to December 4.