Lotus T127

Lotus has officially revealed the car it will return to F1 with in 2010 at a launch ceremony in London.The Lotus name is returning to Formula 1 this year having quit the sport at the end of the 1994 season. The team is now owned by Malaysian businesman Tony Fernandes. He said:

"Words cannot express how I feel today. It is an amazing job to get an F1 licence, have five people in Hingham and turn up today with this car. I was thrilled when Clive said that this was just like te beginning of Lotus back in the early days. We know we have a huge burden on our shoulers, standing on the shoulders of giants - Clark, Moss, Hill, and Mansell. We know we have a tremendous journey in front of us, we are honoured and cherished to be a part of history - we will leave no stone unturned in our efforts and we will do our best to return Lotus to its glory days." (drivers)