FIA`s D-Day

Today we`ll have new president of FIA. In the box in one corner there is Todt, the former Ferrari team principal who has the backing of outgoing president Max Mosley and F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone. In the other is former rally champion Vatanen, who has more popular support at grass roots level and has campaigned on a ticket for big change within the FIA.


POLICY: Innovation, Excellence and Teamwork

STRENGTHS: Has assembled a strong team around him, and will devote his entire focus to the job in hand with the kind of ruthless efficiency he showed at Peugeot and Ferrari.

WEAKNESSES: Not the most popular of men with fans or the majority of F1 teams, following an often controversial tenure at Ferrari. Questions have also emerged about the nature of his campaign - amid allegations of lobbying from FIA officials and vote buying.


POLICY: Together we can

STRENGTHS: Keen to ensure FIA breaks with its past, and not afraid to ruffle feathers to bring about change. Would provide a clean split with the Max Mosley administration. He is also the fans' choice.

WEAKNESSES: His campaign has lacked the detailed policies of Todt's, and he stumbled when he falsely accused his rival of benefiting from using FIA private jets for campaigning. Does not have the kind of managerial and FIA experience that Todt has.